Canino Grooming
Grooming servvices in Northern Jersey

Canino Grooming

33rd Street, Union City, New Jersey 07087

Keep Your Beloved Pooch Well-Groomed

Have your dog groomed by professionals at Canino Grooming in Union City, New Jersey. We offer comprehensive dog grooming services including bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and de-skunking. We do not cage our furry friends and we are not a grooming factory.

Your Pet’s Second Home

Our shop offers a  safe home environment where your dog will not be treated like a number. We have a one-client-at-a-time policy, which means that we will take your pet once we are done with one client and their pet has been returned. This is to avoid confrontation, stress, and the possibility of spreading germs. Once your pet is ready, we will call you for pickup.
Canino Grooming

We also offer pickup and drop-off services. We can pick up your pet and bring them back to your home safely. For more details about our grooming services, feel free to call or email us.